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Buying and Selling Property


Buying or selling a property is often one of the most significant transactions many people will deal with in their lives. Therefore, whether you are buying or selling a house, unit or apartment, a block of land or a commercial property, it is crucial you seek legal advice to understand your obligations and ensure your interests are protected.


There are many factors that should be considered when buying or selling a property. A property may be affected by easements, caveats or other encumbrances. There are also disclosure requirements regarding smoke alarms, swimming pools, contaminated land, body corporate information and disputes involving the property, to name a few. There are strict time frames during each stage of the transaction, from the initial offer right through to settlement.

Apartment Buildings

I have the experience and local knowledge to guide you through your property transaction so that you can have peace of mind when buying or selling property.

I can assist you with the following:

  • Negotiating the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties

  • Drafting and reviewing property contracts

  • Advising, negotiating, and drafting special conditions tailored to your specific needs for the transaction

  • Undertaking due diligence enquiries

  • Preparation of transfer documents

  • Conducting property searches

  • Advise on body corporate and community title property purchases

  • Assisting with transfers between related parties

  • Advice on any commercial and retail leases affecting the property.


"David is helpful, accessible, diligent and dependable. I have used David for several commercial and residential property sales and purchases. David is articulate and knowledgeable of every aspect of his legal work and navigating the legal system. Great Lawyer and very personable."

Bernadette - Gold Coast

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