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Administration of Estates


The administration of an estate can be a challenging task that often involves a range of complicated financial and legal matters. Depending on the complexity of the estate, there may be a need to deal with banks, insurance companies, superannuation trustees, business associates or other domestic and foreign agencies. It is beneficial to have a lawyer guide you through the process and assist in negotiating sensitive family matters.


Family members and beneficiaries may also benefit from seeking legal advice regarding their rights and obligations to the estate and arising from a will, including where they believe the division of assets has been unfair.

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Regardless of your role in the estate administration, I can assist and support you through this challenging time.

I can assist you with the following:

  • Advice on matters of Probate or intestacy (which is when someone dies without a Will)

  • Advising executors and beneficiaries of their rights and obligations

  • Acting as executor, administrator or trustee

  • Advice on testamentary trusts

  • Advice on options to contest a Will

  • Advising on the administration of complex estates

  • Property sales required in the administration of the estate.


As the person appointed as Executor of the estate of a departed friend, David Lobbezoo was highly recommended as the person suited to assist me in this task. In this case it actually turned out to have many complicated issues due to the fact the person was born in England and had worked there for a number of years resulting in a part pension with that money left in an English bank, for the five Beneficiaries.

The Estate included recovering Bank accounts, sales of the home unit and a share portfolio and dealing with the English bank.

All of this required firstly Probate in Queensland and then in New South Wales. The ongoing problems with a very obstinate English bank resulted in two complaints to the British Banking Ombudsman finally resulting in a payment and a compensation amount. 

This project was to take a period of two long years for David and during this time he always carried out his duties in a professional and efficient manner.

I can sincerely recommend David to anyone requiring legal services as he is a committed professional.

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